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We believe in the power of bookkeeping as one of the most important functions in your business to help you make data driven decisions on the path to profits.

Vision In Numbers (ViN) is a premier bookkeeping and consulting firm dedicated to promoting your business growth, operating our of Windsor, Ontario. Community Votes Windsor Platinum Winner as the Best Bookkeeping firm in the region, we are proud to service small business owners across multiple industries throughout North America. Leveraging our extensive expertise, innovative technology, and top-tier accounting software, we provide comprehensive, reliable, and accessible financial management services anytime, anywhere. As members of the Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (CPB), we are committed to transparency, integrity, and excellence.

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Meet the ViN Team

At Vision In Numbers, we are more than just a bookkeeping team; we’re your partners in your business providing you with the type of virtual bookkeeping and financial management support need to thrive and defy traditional business failure rates.

Sharisse Guyton

CEO & Co-Founder

Sharisse Guyton leads Vision in Numbers as our CEO, leveraging a decade of bookkeeping and process management expertise. With a strategic focus on efficiency and error reduction, she has delivered profitable outcomes across diverse sectors, including transportation and real estate investing. A graduate of St. Clair College and the University of Windsor, Sharisse is dedicated to realizing our company’s vision of community impact. Beyond her professional commitments, she enjoys quality time with loved ones, whether by the water, at local concerts, or exploring Windsor-Essex County’s culinary scene.

Abisoye Odunaro


Abisoye Odunario, our meticulous bookkeeper, brings a passion for numbers and financial management honed through professional experience in diverse industries. Pursuing a Master of Management in International Accounting and Finance at the University of Windsor, she holds the esteemed Associate Chartered Accountant designation from Nigeria. Abisoye’s expertise in transaction tracking and record maintenance is pivotal to Vision in Numbers’ financial success. Outside work, she finds inspiration by the riverside, volunteering in her church community, and expressing creativity in art and fashion.

Oluwafeyikemi Awobusuyi

Junior Bookkeeper

Oluwafeyikemi Awobusuyi, our detail-oriented junior bookkeeper, brings a strong academic background and five years of professional experience in accounting and finance. Her pursuit of a Master of Management in Accounting and Finance demonstrates a steadfast commitment to growth and excellence. Oluwafeyikemi’s expertise makes her an invaluable member of the VIN team, contributing to our continued success. We continue to be impressed by her dedication to our clients and for being an amazing team player. When we need something handled efficiently, we know who to go to as she consistently delivers.

Adesola Adedeji

Special Projects

Adesola Adedeji, our dynamic bookkeeper, brings a passion for numbers and accounting, alongside a commitment to continuous learning and development. Pursuing a Master of Management in Accounting and Finance, she has accrued two years of hands-on experience in audit and accounting roles across various industries. Adesola’s meticulous mindset and creative approach make her an indispensable asset to the VIN team. Beyond work, she actively engages in volunteerism, infusing her endeavors with innovative ideas and enthusiasm. Working with Special Projects, Adesola is core to providing support across all clients.

How We Do Great Work

Our Core Values

At Vision In Numbers, our core define how we do everything internally and with our clients.

At Vision In Numbers we focus on creating the best experience for our client. We foster and nurture these relationships with the goal of helping our clients and their businesses succeed. At ViN, our clients are at the centre of our business operations, philosophies and ideas.

Every member of the ViN team consistently and willingly acts with sound judgement, honesty, dependability and accountability.

At Vision In Numbers we feel that our clients deserve the best. It is because of this, our team is always looking for ways to propel our clients growth forward while avoiding pitfalls. We accomplish this by favouring innovation, development and a progressive philosophy.

Vision In Numbers adheres to a clear set of policies and procedures that are up to date, relevant and created to utilize best practices for time management. This along with the competencies, proficiencies and skill set of our team ensures peak levels of performance for our clients

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