Vision In Numbers

Meet the Team

Sharisse Guyton

CEO & Co-Founder

Embarking on a remarkable journey defined by resilience, expertise, and an unwavering passion for growth and development, Sharisse Guyton is a visionary leader who has consistently excelled in diverse roles, shaping her illustrious career in the transportation and financial industries.

Born amidst the serene landscapes of Colchester, ON, Sharisse’s formative years were spent surrounded by the beauty of Lake Erie and the allure of rural farms. However, at 14, her family home tragically burned down in a fire, leading them to relocate to Windsor, ON.

After graduating from high school and becoming a young single mother, Sharisse’s pursuit of knowledge led her to St. Clair College of Applied Arts & Technology, where she earned an advanced diploma in Business Administration-Accounting on an academic scholarship and even served as a teaching assistant in Macroeconomics. During a seasonal role in Operations at an expediting company between graduating college and starting university, Sharisse discovered her love for the fast-paced, ever-changing world of transportation, prompting her to prioritize her career over continuing her university studies.

Sharisse’s ascent in the transportation industry was nothing short of remarkable. Starting as a Dispatch Support, she demonstrated an innate ability to easily navigate complex challenges. Her relentless drive and expertise propelled her to become General Manager at Line-Drive Transportation Inc., where she exhibited prowess in various domains such as HR, Payroll, Health & Safety, Fleet Safety and Compliance, and Operations. Her dedication and expertise were evident in achieving a 92% score during an MTO safety audit, elevating the safety rating from Conditional to Excellent. Sharisse’s accomplishments included winning the Chrysler Compliance award for 100% customs compliance and successfully obtaining the load brokerage authority, which led to establishing their Brokerage department, significantly increasing overall revenues.

In 2013, Sharisse recognized the need for a career pivot, leading her back to the University of Windsor, where she earned an Honors Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Labour Studies from the Odette School of Business. Subsequently, Sharisse joined Dupuis Specialized Transportation, Inc., where she served as a Process Manager for seven years, showcasing her exceptional skills in HR, payroll, accounting, fleet safety, and compliance. She was essential in recruiting, training, and developing new employees while establishing and implementing policies and procedures aligned with industry regulations. Additionally, she efficiently managed payroll, benefits plan administration, and accounts payable and receivable, all while maintaining compliance with government remittances and effectively handling an HST audit conducted by the CRA. Her meticulous approach also shone through in creating and managing a comprehensive preventative maintenance schedule for the fleet and ensuring adherence to Ministry of Transportation regulations.

In 2021, fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to empower small businesses, Sharisse founded Vision In Numbers Inc. – a client-centric bookkeeping and business consulting firm. As its CEO, she combined her passion for finance with strategic planning and leadership skills to offer comprehensive financial management services to clients in the REI, Property Management, and Trades industries.

At Vision In Numbers Inc., Sharisse tirelessly works to demystify financial intricacies for her clients, ensuring they comprehend the health of their operations. Her unmatched bookkeeping services, effective CRA representation, and bespoke financial solutions have earned the company the prestigious Platinum Winner title in the CommunityVotes’ Bookkeeping category for Windsor-Essex in 2023.

Sharisse’s strategic business model fosters strong connections throughout North America, enabling her clients to make informed decisions and achieve profitable growth. With an unyielding commitment to excellence, she continues to propel her clients toward unparalleled success.

Sharisse Marie Guyton’s journey exemplifies the power of passion, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From her humble beginnings to becoming a visionary leader and successful entrepreneur, she inspires all aspiring individuals striving to make a difference in their chosen fields.

Tracy Bystrom

Senior Bookkeeper

Tracy brings a wealth of strengths and experiences to the table. Her ability to thrive under pressure and consistently meet deadlines is one of her greatest assets. She has a strong desire to acquire new skills and take on additional responsibilities, demonstrating her eagerness to grow both personally and professionally. Moreover, Tracy possesses a strong sense of independence and can work autonomously.

She has honed excellent supervisory skills throughout her career, making her an effective team leader. Tracy has been privileged to lead teams, guide them toward success, and foster a collaborative environment. Her above-average communication and public relation skills have enabled her to establish strong relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

In terms of work experience, Tracy has served as Senior Bookkeeper at Vision In Numbers Inc since March 2022. In this role, she has handled various accounting responsibilities, including daily reports, financial processes, payroll management, client consultations, strategic operational plans, financial planning, and hiring. Additionally, she has successfully run her own business, Agri & Office Bookkeeping Services, since January 2013, providing bookkeeping services to small businesses and collaborating with accountants and farmers. These experiences have allowed Tracy to develop proficiency in utilizing Sage 50 (formerly Simply Accounting) and various administrative tasks.

Furthermore, she has held positions such as Sales Manager at Country Inn & Suites By Carlson and Holiday Inn MacLeod Trail, where she excelled in generating new business, improving market share, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, Tracy has contributed to the success of Prairie Ink Restaurant and Bakery as a General Manager, overseeing daily operations, finances, and staff management ranging from 20-40 people.

In terms of education, Tracy completed the Bookkeeping program through ICS Canada, earning the Certified Bookkeeper designation. She also holds a Hotel and Restaurant Management Diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, along with a Business Administration certificate focused on Junior Accounting.

Regarding technical skills, Tracy is a certified QuickBooks Online (QBO) Elite Pro Advisor proficient in Sage 50. Additionally, she possesses a strong command of Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel, Word, and Outlook. She is well-versed in software programs such as Hana, Joist, Knit, Hostaway, OrchardRMS, AirBnB, PayPal, and Stripe.

On a personal note, Tracy lives on a farm in Central Alberta and is a proud mother of two daughters. Her daughters share her love for basketball and enjoy riding dirt bikes. Tracy values spending quality time with her family, cherishing moments of togetherness, and creating lasting memories.

In summary, Tracy is a dedicated professional with a wide range of skills and experiences in operations management, bookkeeping, sales, and team leadership. She is excited about the opportunity to leverage her expertise to contribute to the success of any organization she joins. With her strong work ethic, versatility, and comprehensive skill set, Tracy is confident in her ability to excel in any challenge that comes her way.

Abisoye Odunaro


Meet Abisoye, a highly skilled and dedicated bookkeeper who serves as an integral part of the Vision in Numbers Inc. team. With an unwavering passion for numbers and a meticulous approach to financial management, she plays a vital role in ensuring accurate and organized records for our company.

Originally hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Abisoye embarked on an ambitious journey to Canada in 2022 to pursue a Master of Management degree with a specialization in International Accounting and Finance at the esteemed Odette School of Business, University of Windsor. Armed with her academic knowledge and over three years of professional experience as an accountant in the oil and gas, as well as the art and fashion industries in Nigeria, Abisoye swiftly established herself as a valuable asset within our ranks.

From an early age, Abisoye’s fascination with numbers, economics, and finance set her on a path to success. Fondly known as the “Accountant General” by her family, she embraced this calling wholeheartedly. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree in Accounting from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, Abisoye built a strong foundation in the field. She now proudly holds the esteemed designation of Associate Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, a testament to her unwavering commitment to professional excellence.

Before joining Vision in Numbers Inc., Abisoye flourished in diverse roles across the accounting and finance spectrum, from the oil and gas industry to the tax sector and the art and fashion domain in Nigeria. This rich experience granted her a broad understanding of financial operations and the adaptability to thrive in various business environments. Abisoye’s dedication to delivering excellent and efficient results has left a lasting impact wherever she has worked.

As our meticulous bookkeeper, Abisoye takes immense pride in managing financial transactions, meticulously monitoring accounts, and ensuring impeccable record accuracy. Her keen eye for detail enables her to maintain comprehensive financial documentation and promptly address any discrepancies that may arise. Leveraging her expertise in bookkeeping, she provides invaluable support in tracking and recording payments, invoices, and other financial transactions, bolstering the overall financial health of our esteemed clients at ViN.

While her professional accomplishments are remarkable, Abisoye also possesses a vibrant array of interests beyond her work. She finds solace and inspiration by the riverside during her free time, immersing herself in the serenity of nature. Additionally, her flair for fashion drives her to explore the ever-evolving art and fashion industry, where she keeps a keen eye on the latest trends and creative innovations. Furthermore, her love for travel harmoniously blends with her passion for giving back to the community, as she actively volunteers at her local church, contributing to the betterment of society.

At Vision in Numbers Inc., we are honored to have Abisoye as a cornerstone of our team. With her unwavering dedication, meticulous financial prowess, and innate desire to excel, she ensures that our clients’ financial endeavors are in the best of hands. Allow Abisoye to be your trusted financial steward, and together, let’s unlock a future of financial success and prosperity.

Adesola Adedeji

Junior Bookkeeper

Adesola Adedeji is a highly motivated and skilled bookkeeper, driven by a deep passion for numbers and accounting. Her journey from Nigeria to Canada to pursue a Master of Management in Accounting and Finance reflects her unwavering commitment to professional growth and excellence. With two years of hands-on experience in the audit and accounting field, Adesola has earned a well-deserved reputation for her expertise, making her a valuable asset to the VIN team.

Currently pursuing a Master of Management degree at the prestigious Odette School of Business, University of Windsor, she has maintained an impressive academic record, showcasing her dedication to academic excellence. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Covenant University, where she laid the foundation for her career.

Prior to her journey to Canada, she functioned in a team of qualified auditors at PwC Nigeria, providing assurance services to clients in the financial sector of the country. She also served as an accounting personal at a leading construction company, where she played a multifaceted role. This included weekly reconciliation of the company’s accounts, expertly managing, and maintaining accurate financial records, analyzing financial data, and delivering recommendations for improvement.

One of Adesola’s standout qualities is her exceptional attention to detail and her unwavering commitment to precision. This meticulous mindset is invaluable in the world of bookkeeping, where accuracy is paramount. She approaches every task with an eye for the finer points, ensuring that financial data is not only accurate but also analyzed thoroughly to provide valuable insights and improvement recommendations.

She is not just a team player, but a go-getter who thrives in collaborative environments. Her innate ability to foster and value relationships, coupled with dynamic leadership skills, positions her as a catalyst for success. Adesola’s dedication to effective communication, strategic planning, problem-solving, and time management is evident in her track record of delivering results and meeting deadlines consistently.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Adesola is an engaged and dedicated volunteer. She is more than just a numbers enthusiast; she’s a well-rounded individual who is deeply committed to giving back to her community. Her active participation in school clubs and advocacy working groups demonstrates her dedication to making a positive impact beyond her professional pursuits. Her creativity and brilliant ideas, showcased in these volunteer roles, are a testament to her potential for innovative problem-solving.